My Domain says "Executing in an Invalid Environment"

My Domain says "Executing in an Invalid Environment"

When a domain says this, it means your domain is currently pointed to

This is perfectly fine if you only have a domain and no hosting with us, then you simply manage your DNS with our DNS MANAGER within the client area and set the A record to what IP you need. However if you have hosting with us, you need to look into your Welcome Email which you received when you bought the hosting and it will show you which nameservers your domain should point at to work, such as, if it was .. 

Once you set your Nameservers appropriately, It can take 24 hours to propagate around the world. To set your nameservers you simply go into your client area at and click Domains > My Domains and click your domain. Once on the domain page, there is a left panel with Change Nameservers where you can set them for the domain name.

This should resolve your issue with executing your domain in an invalid environment.

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