The different types of hosting plans

Web hosting services serve your website to anyone who visits it. It is possible for you to host your own website from your home computer at your house however it is strongly discouraged as it can't handle the load in the long run. It is adviced to use a web hosting provider that stores your website on fast servers in a data center with a high speed connection. When you visit a website, your computer connects to another computer that feeds you the website to your browser as a web page that you view as a whole. There are different type of hosting plans and below you can read what each one does.

  • SHARED HOSTING - This is the best way for a new website to be started to see how it will do in the long run. Your site is put on a server with other websites to share the server resources.

  • VPS HOSTING - This is a option more suitable for advanced users, those who need to install specific softwares that are not provided by shared hosting. Your website is placed on a server with other websites, like on shared hosting however there are less websites per server and thus more resources for each website. This comes with a root or superuser access to its own operating system installation in a virtualized environment.

  • DEDICATED SERVERS - This is an option for advanced / expert users who know what they want. Your website gets access to a full server not shared with anyone. It can be custom tailored to the specific needs of the client. It includes a root access like the VPS. This is recommended for websites that get lots of visitors per day (traffic) or custom requirements not available in a shared hosting environment.

  • RESELLER HOSTING - This service is for webmasters and others who want to resell their own hosting service. This is also a good option for those with multiple websites as its easier to manage many websites under one control panel.
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