How to change your passwords

Below is a step-by-step guide to change passwords related to our services.

1. Billing Password

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Enter your registered email address with us and press Submit
  3. You will receive a validation email to your registered email address with us. Please follow the instructions on that email to proceed.

2. cPanel Password

  1. Login to your client area panel at
  2. Select Services menu on the header navigate to My Services
  3. Choose the hosting account you wish to change the password for by clicking View Details beside the account
  4. Select Change Password tab on the header menu, enter the new password details and hit submit

3. Root Password

  1. With Linux server you may change your password in the command line with the command: passwd
  2. If you have WHM/cPanel installed you may login to WHM with https://yourIpAddress:2087 and replace the root password on the right column menu with option Change Password
  3. If you are using Windows server please reset your password according the instructions found on Microsoft homepage at

IMPORTANT!! When resetting your password we recommend to use strong password to make sure your account is protected. Strong password is atleast 8 characters long and contains random numbers and letters. Try to avoid using passwords that contain words, birthdates or other information that is easy for other people to guess. Make sure to use a new random password instead using one that you have already used before!

For extra layer of security we are offering two-factor authentication for our client area. You may activate your two-factor authentication here

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