What is the difference between domain vs hosting

The difference between domains vs hosting are the following:

  • Domains

    • Domains make it easier for you to communicate with other people, you can have a domain-less hosting but it would mean that in order to give access for the public to your website it would have to be http://serverIP/~yoursite/ instead of http://yoursite.tld (tld = top-level-domain ex: com, net, org). In order to be more accessible to the public you should buy a domain to go with your hosting account, below is the definition of Hosting
  • Hosting

    • Hosting plan is the space itself, where you can put your hosting material, website files and documents. When buying a hosting plan you get it empty, but today it's fairly easy to prepare a website with so much as one click. We offer with all our shared servers Softaculous which allows you to install WordpressDrupal and Joomla to name a few. We also offer your very own Trendy Sitebuilder which is an application to create your own customized website step by step. The difference is that If you do not have hosting and only a domain name, then your files have no place to be. With domain and hosting your files have a place to stay at and a easily memorable web address for them to be accessed.
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