PHP/Zend Modules installed on all our Shared Servers

Below is a list which stores all the default installed PHP modules that comes with all of our shared hosting plans. This can all be installed and more on VPS/Dedicated solutions. This list is only meant as a guide to those who have shared hosting.

  • PHP Modules Installed
    • bcmath
    • bz2
    • calendar
    • Core
    • ctype
    • curl
    • date
    • dom
    • ereg
    • exif
    • fileinfo
    • filter
    • ftp
    • gd
    • gmp
    • hash
    • iconv
    • imap
    • ionCube Loader
    • json
    • libxml
    • mbstring
    • mcrypt
    • mhash
    • mysql
    • mysqli
    • mysqlnd
    • openssl
    • pcntl
    • pcre
    • PDO
    • pdo_mysql
    • pdo_sqlite
    • Phar
    • posix
    • readline
    • Reflection
    • session
    • SimpleXML
    • soap
    • sockets
    • SPL
    • sqlite3
    • standard
    • tokenizer
    • wddx
    • xml
    • xmlreader
    • xmlrpc
    • xmlwriter
    • xsl
    • Zend Guard Loader
    • Zend OPcache
    • zip
    • zlib
  • Zend Modules
    • Zend Guard Loader
    • Zend OPcache
    • the ionCube PHP Loader

All our servers have PHP Freetype Support as well.

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