Why are exec(), system() disabled in a shared server environment

The reason we disable exec() and system() on our shared servers is purely security related. 

The problem with these functions is that vast majority of end-users do not keep their scripts up-to-date, and in turn allows exploits to be made with vulnerabilities in those scripts. If functions such as exec(), system(), passthru() are left enabled, this can open up a pandoras box for the host. In situation where script is exploited, the villain may use these functions to do damage to the server environment. 

OrangeWebsite.com keeps it's servers most dangerous functions disabled by default. This includes phpinfo() as it poses a risk as it display all the server information for one to exploit. We keep a tight ship for our clients, if at any time you need these functions we highly recommend you look at our VPS Solutions or our Dedicated Servers.
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